The Forgotten Roadtrip

Interactive experience for Jung von Matt/Mercedez-Benz
Creative director & designer at B-Reel

An online campaign introducing the all new Mercedez-Benz GLA. The Forgotten Roadtrip is a grand online experience, puzzling together memories lost from a thrilling roadtrip. The film was directed by Filip Tellander.

Case film. The Forgotten Roadtrip, dir. Filip Tellander


The Forgotten Roadtrip. Through simply scrolling down audience swiftly moved in between glimpses of the past and present, slowly unraveling the story. Parts of the content was film, other still imagery, some animation and a good deal of interactivity to top that.


Various screens. The designs carefully balanced the sophisticated mosaik lay out and strict type handeling with more expressive imagery, creating a rich online experience. Switching the background colour in between white and black helped in creating a more dynamic experience but also emphasised key actions in the storyline.

David Hammarström
Independent Art & Creative Director