Mr Strings

Game for Fallon London/Cheestrings
Art director, Designer and Model build at B-Reel

A fun and inspiring craft box adventure where you create your own unique Cheestrings character in the quest for "Mr Strings" — where is he and who is he? Explore four wicked papercrafted worlds, meet the unique characters of other adventurers, play minigames, treasure hunt or play around with sound and physics.

In four unique worlds we had our audience search for the real Mr. Strings. The experience married physical and digital media in a truly tangible way, through uniqly patterened papercraft  elements, animation, clever interactivity and an intriguing soundscape.  


Both the experience and visual design was carefully developd to fit the Cheestrings brand and bridge the gap in between young and old — appealing to a broad audience with its wicked design and witty storyline and innovative interactions.

David Hammarström
Independent Art & Creative Director