Roligare Mat

Brand work for ICA
Craft Lead / Sr Art Director at Acne

ICA is one of Swedens biggest food retailers with about 1400 stores around the country and has played a central role in most peoples lives, ever since their start back in the 1930's.

In the beginning of 2000 ICA successfully launched a sitcom TVC concept, following a number of ICA workers presenting weekly product offerings. A concept still running, still being as popular. However times have changed and the amount of channels and touchpoints have grown...

As a compliment to ICA's product centred, more traditional communications concept we developed a new joyful, food oriented voice for ICA to unify all of their channels and touchpoints in one inspiring voice. Focusing on the joy and beauty of food and cooking. 


Various units. Introducing the 'Roligare mat' concept at launch.

Easter in store. Published and produced by ICA based on the developed 'Roligare mat' concept.

David Hammarström
Independent Art & Creative Director